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Eyes and Ears - Volume 16 No 9 September 2023.

No 182

A Friendship to last forever…
Bruce Irvine, John McFadden and Warwick Brooker. Vietnam Veterans Day, 2023, Bathurst.
The full story continues…

Marked th4 50th Years since the cessation of  Australia’s involvement in the War. 

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A great starter from Warwick Brooker, then Pete Ravelje gives a memory story, Ed can’t help himself with a couple of “things”, we get an update with “Dates of Deaths".
We kick off with August 18th photos etc from Around the Grounds, David Dougherty gives us some history to smile at, Iain Kennedy helps clean up an “Unknown” info, we get an insight into Ernie Newbold’s service and post history, Richard Barry adds some interest in the RVCM section, then the “Mail” sections begin with interest, the Notice Board contains some interest, then it’s into the Association section to end it off.
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