Eyes & Ears - Vol 11 No 1 January 2018 - No114

It’s 50 years since the Tet Offensive began…

30th January, 1968... 

…the memory still remains.


We kick off with 50 years since the Tet Offensive, “Insights and Recollections” from Phil Mulgrew, then back into “Unknowns”, “Oddities”, then the “mail” section in 2 phases is humungous to say the least – its’ so good to hear from so many of you.


There’s a couple of important items on the “Notice Board”, then we’re into the Association area, plus we finally have two Locators in Vale, which does require some time for reflection.

Well, we're into 2018 and it's a pretty full edition. The New Year's resolution seems to be working and the mail has been great – let's keep it up?


Eyes & Ears - Vol 11 No 2 February 2018 - No115


A mate remembered…

 Marysville, Victoria 18th February 2018

February's Eyes & Ears is now available – here's some of what's in store..

Jim Menz’s 50th Anniversary Memorial Service starts us off, then some 1968 Reflections, the back into “Unknowns”, “Oddities”, then a great 2 part mail section – keep this happening as its’ so good to hear from so many of you.

The “Notice Board” section contains some important upcoming events, then there’s the Association area, plus we finally have another Locators in Vale


Eyes & Ears - Vol 11 No 3 March 2018- No 116

9 Years have passed, but NOT the friendship…

This gathering gave birth to the Association as it exists today…

March’s Eyes & Ears is on the stand – catch up with what’s inside…

The Association has a birthday, March and April are remembered in SVN, Allen Morley keeps “Nomading”, we’ve got another “Unknown” to ponder over, “Oddities”, Dicko does a gallop through parts of Aus, plus there’s heaps of mail which is always a great “catch-up” spot.
The “Notice Board” section covers some ANZAC Day coming events plus Canberra in May.
The Association area covers some interesting business, plus, finally, we have another Locator in Vale.


Eyes & Ears - Vol 11 No 4 April 2018- No 117

ANZAC DAY, 2018 - another milestone…

Here's how the "Locators" scrubbed up in Sydney...

April's Eyes & Ears is out there - here's a glimpse of what's inside…

ANZAC Day leads us in, you can get to meet our very own "Advocate" - Peter Pioro, discover Derek Hindes's "Passion", spend a heap of time catching the Mail (talk about a bunch of "travellers"), then prepare yourselves for ALL the upcoming events, puzzle over the "Unknown" article. The Association area covers it's goings-ons, plus, finally and sadly we have another Locator in Vale.
Because of the huge content this month items like "Oddities" etc have been "bumped" till next month



Eyes & Ears - Vol 11 No 5 May 2018- No 118

Battle of Coral/Balmoral –
12th May- 6th June,1968.
We Remember and Honour…

...and the memory still remains.

May's Eyes & Ears is itching to be explored – here's a bit of a peak at what's inside...

Coral/Balmoral commands and gets centre stage.
50 years on and you blokes make us proud.

There are some follow ups from ANZAC Day. The rest of this edition has been trimmed of some of the usual articles, but you lot are setting records responding to mail and so on.



Eyes & Ears - Vol 11 No 6 June 2018- No 119


A Radar finds a Permanent Home


at the National Vietnam Veterans Museum, Phillip Island
– via South Vietnam and North Head


Formal Opening 12th June, 2018...




OK the last for the 1st half of the year and it chockers with all sorts of stuff.

 Here's some teasers...

We have a look at the new National Vietnam Veterans Museum home for one of our radars, we discover the attractions of "Samoyeds", have a crack at giving us some info on a couples "girls" who came to visit us way back when, there's a couple of tails exposed, meet a nice bloke in the guise of Ken Foster, the Advocates' Desk is followed on with a lot of really informative info, there's heaps of mail and events coming up.

 Note the change to the Eyes & Ears email address – 131eyesandears@gmail.com

 Hope you enjoy exploring this issue, and as usual keep on keeping in touch.


Eyes & Ears - Vol 11 No 7 July 2018- No 120

Happy 8th Birthday

131 Locators Association Inc.
…3rd July 2010.

We’re into the new financial and hopefully this edition is more interesting to read than your tax statement!

Here’s an intro to some of the content…

After you’ve read how the Association kicked off, we take a look at ’71 with regards to “Lost Locators”, there’s an interesting deep “Passion”, a good “Unknown” bit, then there’s all sorts interesting mail, plus the “Notice Board” with events not to be missed, then there’s the info in the Association section.

The continuing mail is great as it keeps us in touch.



Eyes & Ears - Vol 11 No 8 August 2018- No 121

Vietnam Veterans Day - 18th August, 2018


Plus, Long Tan Day is Remembered ...

Brrr keep those home fires burning!

Here’s an intro to some of the content…

We start off with activities and memories of Vietnam Veterans Day wich encompasses Long Tan Day, we continue on looking for Locators from the '70 era, the "Passion" article is a cracker this month, another "Unknown" to unravel, plus there's a heap more to keep you interested, the Mail section is a good read, don't overlook the "Notice Board" with a major event not to be missed, then there's the info in the Association section.

Thanks for the mail during August.

Let's keep the "incomings" going for September. You can get to me at – 131eyesandears@gmail.com


Eyes and Ears - Volume 11 No 12 December 2018. No 125


Here’s an intro to some of the content…

OK that’s the end of 2018, we then get into one more piece on Remembrance Day, continue with the last in the series for Locating Locators with the ’67 era, another “Unknown” to unravel, plus all sorts of info and 2 great Mail sections (really great reading section), then there’s the Association wind-up for the year and Vale finishes it all off.

 We wish you all the best for the upcoming 2019.

Next month off the rank is January – we look forward to hearing what you all got up to.

You can get to me at – 131eyesandears@gmail.com

 A genuine thanks to all of you for making this another great year.
Paul “Ed” Dickson.



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