About Your Newsletter

The concept of a newsletter was put together in 1967, with the first edition coming to life on 22nd July. There was no editorial expertise involved, which is easily identified when the contents are examined. However, the belief was one that a newsletter would be a way to keep a widespread, diversified bunch of blokes in contact.

Unlike most Army units, the Detachment in Nui Dat was not in one concentrated location as it spread from a central Detachment Head Quarters combined with an Orderly Room, Q Store and radiated to a Tactical Headquarters, known as Arty Tac, then 5 Listening Posts strategically situated on the Task Force perimeter (with one out at the Horseshoe feature) - kilometres away, 2 Radars with workshops personal manned by RAEME members and then there was the self-contained Survey Section.

The publications were designed to be light-hearted and irreverent and 11 editions were printed on the Orderly Room’s fairly clapped-out roneo machine and to date we seem to have been able to archive all the editions – amazing what blokes keep.

In early 2009, after a conversation amongst some of the local group, it was decided that it may be time to re-birth the old flagship and seek misplaced Locators once more.

The first new edition hit the internet at the end of February 2009 and was distributed to 15 Locators and the rest is history with some 278 recipients receiving the newsletter every month as at April 2020 with our 141st edition being published.

In conclusion, none of the above would have happened, let alone be sustained, without the constant input from a very wide range of Locators and others who have contributed such a plethora of great interest stories and photos.