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Tuesday 9th July 2024, 11.00 AM

The meeting will also be available via ZOOM and the link will be sent via email

Canley Heights RSL and Sporting Club

26 Humphries Rd Wakeley NSW 2176

100th Birthday of Locating Artillery
1 July 2025

 'Locating Artillery" under it's various disguises will reach 100 years of service in Australian Artillery. I have notified the RHAAC who agree and John Cox Chairman of the RAA Regimental History Committee thru Paul Landford  is preparing a decision brief to the Executive Regimental Committee (on behalf of the RAA Assoc) in order for a recognised origin date of Locating Artillery to be formally added to the RAA Regimental calendar. John will further consult with the Head of Regimen Staff  for their advice on how formal progression for a decision might best occur. We will be advised as soon as the way ahead is determined.

So Please Mark 1 July 2025 down as a must do day I am  "assuming although not confirmed" this could be our next reunion date