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Eyes & Ears - Vol 11 No 4 April 2018- No 117

ANZAC DAY, 2018 - another milestone…

Here's how the "Locators" scrubbed up in Sydney...

April's Eyes & Ears is out there - here's a glimpse of what's inside…

ANZAC Day leads us in, you can get to meet our very own "Advocate" - Peter Pioro, discover Derek Hindes's "Passion", spend a heap of time catching the Mail (talk about a bunch of "travellers"), then prepare yourselves for ALL the upcoming events, puzzle over the "Unknown" article. The Association area covers it's goings-ons, plus, finally and sadly we have another Locator in Vale.
Because of the huge content this month items like "Oddities" etc have been "bumped" till next month.

Note the change to the Eyes & Ears email address –

Well, there’s a bit to read in this edition. Keep the mail coming as you’re what keeps us ticking.


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