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Eyes and Ears - Volume 17 No 5 May 2024.

No 190

Bomana War Cemetery - 19 Km from Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea…

Photo: Terry Erbs

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Terry Erbs takes us to Papua New Guinea for a Memorable ANZAC Day service, we continue with Withdrawal in the Nui Dat Formation and History, next we continue with the Lost Locator series, then , Bob Billiards explains a couple of photos from the Vietnam Heritage Facebook site regarding an article on FSB Coral/Balmoral. Vic Danko revives a memory of “Operation Frequent Wind” – part of the last effort evacuation from Saigon,  we continue with our search in Unknown Dates of Death, Bill Taggart (1st/83rd) enlightens us on the US draft system, then It’s Mail time, followed by some great Notice Board items, then we finish up with Association items.

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