Eyes and Ears - Volume 13 No 13 January 2020.

No 138


An interesting reminder of the lead up to “Tet” with no idea of what was to come…

No 138 – what’s it got in store…

We get a pre-view of Tet, then a Locate a Locator query, Richard Chaplin gives us a bit of an Insight and Recollection, we have a look at what some of you got up to with “Cars/Toys” over the years, then there’s a question as to what medals etc the late Warwick Hamilton is wearing, Marg and Ron Mason take us on a “magic” outback road trip, we follow that up with an “Unknown question and solution and then we get serious about the state of our Honour Roll, we follow that up with some really great mail. We finish up with another Vale this time for the passing of Quenton Knight.

January’s come and gone – hey that wasn’t that hard!
 Looking forward to further contacts for the second month of 2020 – get typing!


Eyes and Ears - Volume 13 No 2 February 2020.

No 139

31A, 31B, 31C and 31D – Are you awake? Over... (followed by a long pause) Well I warned you that I would start something, so here goes!

I’m not sure of the format to do this in, but along with possible future submissions from all and sundry on any topic that takes their fancy it may develop into something. I was wondering if anyone would care to be a regular or irregular contributor and take a subject / topic and air their knowledge. Perhaps someone might have a talent in electronics, photography, hypnotism, correcting my spelling and grammar, strange smelly growths occurring under the arm-pits or whatever, and may be able to problem-solve for any questions raised – something like a “Dear Dorothy Dignam” – NO marriage counselling though, not that Grahame may not be good at it! However, I believe he is a qualified Grandchild Tamer! 

It’s hard to believe that this publication is not only still in existence, but still creates interest and your involvement.

Let’s see if we can do it for more years!

No 139 – here’s what to have a wander through…

We start off with an anniversary of Eyes & Ears, then a 52 years memory of the Tet Offensive, next we catch up with Locators in Canberra attending the Last Post Service, then there’s a 131DLB Oddity, then there are responses to the Association’s Honour Roll Validation request, we add a twist to the “Unknown” question, 20 Regiment RAA has a first in a series, this one by Russ Hamsey, then there’s all the mail, a Notice for Anzac Day in Brisbane and then into all the Association’s business.

However, we end on a sad note with Vale containing two Locators – Peter Szypulski and Dave Crowther.
Hope you all enjoyed the 4 year 29 day February?  
We’ll “March” on into the next 31 days – look forward to getting in touch.

Eyes and Ears - Volume 13 No 3 March 2020.

No 140


A selection of dawn services will be held across the country but the public will be asked NOT to attend. Any marches or midday services are cancelled.
Don’t let our memories fade.

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them.

Forever strong.

 No 140 – here’s what to have a wander through maybe with protective clothing and at a safe distance…

Not great news to kick off with the Coronavirus taking centre stage - but keep safe. However, we get into another “minefield” with the focus on another disaster in ‘67SVN, then on we go our updated Honour Roll validation, next we get a great update from the Boss of 131 Battery, we ask what was the “Transport Office” all about followed up with a treasure of a find from HRH, the Mail takes over followed up by Cancellations. The Association’s business follows on smoothly.

And again, sadly we end with another Vale – concerning Kevin Salter.
Hope you all care coping with the current and ongoing Pandemic.   
Hey, keeping in touch isn’t breaking any rules about getting up close and personal – come and say g’day it keeps us all warm, fuzzy and alive.

Eyes and Ears - Volume 13 No 4 April 2020.

No 141

20th Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery Gallipoli Barracks

... and in the morning, we will remember them.

No 141 – the current “stay at home” order is just what you need to relax and get through this mammoth issue…

A “most different” ANZAC Day starts us off – great photos and stories of present and past.  We have a refresh at April 1965, then an update article from 20th Regiment, next you get to see the latest in “Passions” – John Delacca gives an in-depth insight to what he’s been and still is involved in, then settle back to read heaps of mail. The Associations Facebook gets an intro, then it’s into the Associations first ever ZOOM meeting – really getting into the 21st century.
Vale has had some serious investigation work and we add 11 more members to our Honour Roll, plus get an update of info on another Locator.


Eyes and Ears - Volume 13 No 5 may 2020.

No 142

Battle of Coral/Balmoral    12th May- 6th June, 1968.or 52 years, the memory remains -

The Battle of Coral-Balmoral was a series of fierce attacks fought in Vietnam 52 years ago this May. As the sun set over South Vietnam, Australian soldiers settled into their hastily dug, muddy fighting positions, unaware that an overwhelming attack by North Vietnamese Army soldiers was imminent.

No 142 – OK, this is the start of a new week and a new month – just what you need…something to read.

We’ve got the usual regular topics to start us off, then we have a very interesting type of Det “Oddity”, followed by a “Country Needs You” teaser, John Dellaca completes his very successful “Passion” for now, we have an Army Nurse’s book to discover “Tears on MY Pillow”, an Interesting 20th Century Observation, ah, the start of the “Nui Dat Locations/Personal Project, “The Office” – what the!, 131 Battery gives us a bit of a heads-up, then it’s on to mail and more mail. We then venture into the realms of the Associations which continues to ZOOM meet.

Vale has a very sad note with the recent loss of Kevin “Soul” Maker, plus some updates on earlier passings.

Let’s hope this brightens your days and hope we find you all well and coping with the current conditions. 

Hear from you soon.

Eyes and Ears - Volume 13 No 6 June 2020.

No 143

 OC’s Report – Capt W R HAMILTON – the following was submitted by Allen Morley and is a final rendition compiled by Warwick which encompasses his term in South Vietnam. This is the first in the series…

No 143 – Well, that’s June over and done with except for this edition of Eyes & Ears. Righto, here’s what to expect to read...

We start off with Warwick’s recollections, then get into what 131 Battery has been up to, Bob Billiards takes us off on a “Detour” from earlier times, the Nui Dat Location/Personnel Project gets a mention, George Kijurina gives a mind-teaser, then there’s the mail in out and everywhere, then some notice board stuff and into the Association’s doings. Including the ZOOM meeting.

Hope you’re all keeping well and as active as can be – we’ve a long way to go with this “virus”.   
Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Eyes and Ears - Volume 13 No 7 July 2020.

No 144

 OC’s Report – Capt W R HAMILTON – the following was submitted by Allen Morley and is a final rendition compiled by Warwick which encompasses his term in South Vietnam. This completes this series…

No 144 –The beginning of the second half of the year…here’s what to expect in this edition...

 We complete Warwick’s recollections, then for a bit of “Mystery Time” fun uncovering beds in Nui Dat, we have a laugh at golf where I live, and there’s another “Oddity” to be solved, Grahame Dignam digs up an old Nui Dat memory to do with Eyes & Ears, Peter Pioro catches up with some great info from the “Advocate’s Desk”, then it’s mail, mail, mail… - DON”T miss the email from Pam Ayliffe with the latest on Keith – not great news, then the “Notice Board” is not to be missed and next up we get into the Association’s section – you may be interested in joining the next ZOOM meeting – keep a coffee handy. Vale – we add a belated entry for Geoff Todd.

So, settle back and get into some reading.

Keep well and in touch – infect us with some updates etc.    
Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Eyes and Ears - Volume 13 No 8 August 2020.

No 145

A date never to be forgotten – 18th August

The year rolls along …here’s what we’ve got instore this month...

 We kick off with some Vietnam Veterans day mail, a pertinent Media release from the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Minister for Defence Personnel, Kevin Thornton gives an Insight & Recollection, then there’s an interesting reflective article regarding Pan Am during the SVN era, 132 Battery gives us an update, we then can read a “Remember When” article, we then need help with a couple of Locators needing background info and Locating, then whoa we get into the Mail sections – always a great read. Next up we can peruse what the Association is up to – hey the ZOOM meeting attendances are growing – maybe you should join in? We update a Vale with a DoD.

Grab a warm drink or maybe something stronger (depending on the time of day, of course!) and enjoy the read.

 Abide by the restrictions, keep fit and discover a new life.    
 Keep in touch.

 You can get to me at – 131eyesandears@gmail.com


Eyes and Ears - Volume 13 No 9 September 2020.

No 146


Australia’s greatest military blunder of the Vietnam War.


No 146 – Spring has really sprung …here’s what we’ve turned up this month...

We start off with “The Minefield” – an interesting read. Geoff Jebb’s Recollections of “4 Observation Troop – Disbandment”, “The Flying Red Tails” is a great article of QANTAS, Michael Quinlan takes us camping (a passed event!), we have some fantastic mail as always, then there’s a couple of things on the Notice Board worth reading, the Association’s section covers our latest ZOOM meeting (getting larger) and then we end with Vale which occupies a large section with updates and memories.

Eyes and Ears - Volume 13 No 10 October 2020.

No 147

Welcome Home parade – 33 years – still remembered!


No 147 – Tick another month off …here’s what we’re into this month...

33 years since the 3rd October marked a new era for us. Have a look at an “Old Boys” visit…, we continue on with the QF “Skippy” recollections, Graham Williams give us a memory article, Bob Billiards takes us on a “Long Run”, then we get some memory teasers and then mail and more mail – great stuff! The notice board has a few items to be noted and then we get into things Association – always good to get updates – we ZOOMed and it was fun to connect with a couple of new ZOOMers! Un-Vale – great we get to correct some info and reclaim some Locators – thankfully!

OK, relax and get into reading. 
Things are sounding batter with the virus – but keep vigilant.    
 Keep in touch.

 You can get to me at – 131eyesandears@gmail.com


Eyes and Ears - Volume 13 No 11 November 2020.

No 148

No 148 – Here comes Christmas – get the decos out! Here’s what we’ve got this month...

We start with some Remembrance Day activity, we hear from Bill Taggart ex 1st/83rd, “The Hat Saga” gets full coverage with a great end, Des Bailey has a good result getting his SVN Tour dates corrected, Ian Campbell covers some remodelling LP 31A, then there’s Mail and more Mail – always great! The current assertions against Special Operations Task Groups gets an airing – worth looking at.

The Association’s ZOOM AGM and General Meetings get covered – good to catch up with the latest. Then there are a couple of Vale updates.

 OK, relax and get into reading.
Things are sounding better with the virus – but keep vigilant.    
 Keep in touch.

 You can get to me at – 131eyesandears@gmail.com


Eyes and Ears - Volume 13 No 12 December 2020.

No 149

Let’s make it a memorable one for the right reasons…

No 149 – This the last read for 2020! Here’s what we’ve got this month...

We start with a “Brereton Report” comment, Bob Billiards has a “Coral” memory, Ken Osborne has a classic bit of  memorabilia, there’s some discussion on an ANZAC Portal photo, we start a bit of a series on “Christmas in Nui Dat”, then there’s some comments on a couple of photos, Peter Pioro gives us some info from the “Advocate’s Desk”, then there’s the mammoth 2 x Mail Sections – always worth a read to catch up with mates, read the Notice Board for an upcoming 2021 event, then it’s into the Association’s latest (another successful live attendance and ZOOM meeting) – find out what they’ve been up to. To finish off there’s an update on a Vale.

Thanks to ALL of you for your support during 2020 –

let’s keep our mateship alive for 2021 and beyond.