Eyes & Ears - Vol 11 No 1 January 2018 - No114

It’s 50 years since the Tet Offensive began…

30th January, 1968... 

…the memory still remains.


We kick off with 50 years since the Tet Offensive, “Insights and Recollections” from Phil Mulgrew, then back into “Unknowns”, “Oddities”, then the “mail” section in 2 phases is humungous to say the least – its’ so good to hear from so many of you.


There’s a couple of important items on the “Notice Board”, then we’re into the Association area, plus we finally have two Locators in Vale, which does require some time for reflection.

Well, we're into 2018 and it's a pretty full edition. The New Year's resolution seems to be working and the mail has been great – let's keep it up?


Eyes & Ears - Vol 11 No 2 February 2018 - No115


A mate remembered…

 Marysville, Victoria 18th February 2018

February's Eyes & Ears is now available – here's some of what's in store..

Jim Menz’s 50th Anniversary Memorial Service starts us off, then some 1968 Reflections, the back into “Unknowns”, “Oddities”, then a great 2 part mail section – keep this happening as its’ so good to hear from so many of you.

The “Notice Board” section contains some important upcoming events, then there’s the Association area, plus we finally have another Locators in Vale


Eyes & Ears - Vol 11 No 3 March 2018- No 116

9 Years have passed, but NOT the friendship…

This gathering gave birth to the Association as it exists today…

March’s Eyes & Ears is on the stand – catch up with what’s inside…

The Association has a birthday, March and April are remembered in SVN, Allen Morley keeps “Nomading”, we’ve got another “Unknown” to ponder over, “Oddities”, Dicko does a gallop through parts of Aus, plus there’s heaps of mail which is always a great “catch-up” spot.
The “Notice Board” section covers some ANZAC Day coming events plus Canberra in May.
The Association area covers some interesting business, plus, finally, we have another Locator in Vale.

Note the change to the Eyes & Ears email address – 131eyesandears@gmail.com

Well, there’s a bit to read in this edition. Keep the mail coming as you’re what keeps us ticking.