Eyes & Ears - Vol 9 No 1 January 2016 - No 90

Canungra - Kokoda Barracks - definitely NOT a holiday camp for the faint hearted?

It was the closest thing to being able to move the buckle on your belt a couple of notches tighter in any three week period dressed in an army uniform!

We're off on another trip down memory lane (this time a little somewhat rougher!) Canungra revisited with some really interesting yarns. We get to read a couple of articles from Rieny Nieuwenhof, a timely reminder from Ron Mason re: the graveside memorials being held in Victoria - Jim Menz's is being held in Marysville, Grahame Dignam expands on an email from Michael Butler, don't forget Enoggera in April and Canberra later in the year; plus Bill Taggart (1st/83rd) sends an invite to the US to attend their reunion (a big party year!) - hey just click and download the edition to save me rambling on and on....

Hope you enjoy the read and we look forward to hearing from you


Eyes & Ears - Vol 9 No 2 February 2016 - No 91

 Did you really go there....?

Yes we asked the question and here are the responses – hold on

Whoa! R&R here we come! Canungra still gets a guernsey with some tail draggers.

Then spread over 19 pages is a heap of good, interesting reading. Please read the lot as we cover Enoggera in April, “Barny” Erica speaks from the heart and his story can be viewed, 21st February - VIETNAM VETERANS ASSOCIATION VIGIL – Victoria is done justice in photos and copy, MAIL CALL is new and full of interesting yarns, then catch up on Association stuff.                

Thanks to our contributors – enjoy the read and drop us a line if the urge grabs you – we love hearing from you..!


Eyes & Ears - Vol 9 No 3 March 2016 - No 92

A new home with a new family...

All of this is leading up to April in Enoggera...

Plus –

We find out about some blokes at Primary School, then there’s a heap more.

You’ll just have download the edition and get stuck into reading.

Keep in touch and hope we catch up in Enoggera!                

Again thanks to our contributors. 


Eyes & Ears - Vol 9 No 6 June 2016 - No 95

Welcome back Tom, you're on your way home...

Plus –

That’s half of 2016 gone and they’re skiing somewhere or another.
Have a good wander through this edition and see some familiar faces. Plus, check out pages 11 and 12  for 50th Anniversary and Vietnam Veterans Day events in Canberra. It’d be another good time to catch up with mates at the 131 Locators Association activities as well.

Keep in touch as always. 


Eyes & Ears - Vol 9 No 7 July 2016 - No 96

A bit of history has been discovered!!! It's taken almost 49 years to uncover Vol 1 No IX!

Barry Guzder's quote on finding this gem ..."Just took it all in a box to new house in '78. Went thru box in 2013, found it and put it into "Tracks of the Dragon". Showed book to friends at bushfire brigade and out it fell!" We've only got one more bit of '67 ramblings to discover!.

Plus –

See what else you may discover in this month' edition.

There are couple of historical items, but the one that lights the candles on the cake is the OC’s Recollections by Jim Townley who took the “Pioneers” on the first adventure. With the 50th Anniversary of Lang Tan Day being taking place on the 18th all over Australia, it will be another great occasion to grab a mate or six and join in somewhere, even if it’s a coldie away from the major events – just do it! We share Vale memories of Hans Weber – May He Rest in Peace.

Keep in touch as always.

Eyes & Ears - Vol 9 No 8 August 2016 - No 97

50 Years Later and we're there...Canberra


Some of our blokes at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Canberra – L-R - Ged Carroll, George Lane, Allen Morley, Spike Chase (rear), Bob Billiard, Ron Mason (rear), Grahame Dignam, John Blake (rear), Bert Blink, John Vickary (Rear) and Joe Librizzi. (Missing Stan Briggs - talking to Tony Abbott – wouldn’t you know it!!)

Ok here's a brief of what else is inside...

You’ll read Barry Campton’s OC’s Recollections, we have another look at uniforms, catch up with what some of the blokes have been doing, get yourselves prepared to send in some “Nomad” stuff, get Coffs (for the last event in that fair city) – there’s just too much just enjoy the read.

Eyes & Ears - Vol 9 No 8 August 2016 - No 98

Eureka! The final “missing” edition of Eyes and Ears  has been unearthed! Volume 1 No 7 - 1967

Now another remarkable find…yes the last of the 1967 editions of Eyes & Ears has come to life after lying dormant in a dark spot for some time.

Well there’s quite a bit more to read in this edition – 20 pages!
Here’s the teaser…
Warwick Hamilton’s OC’s Recollections plus a bit more of his careers come to life, the “boots” in the uniforms get an airing, the “Nomad” series gets a kick start with Mike Quinlan – really worth reading, there’s a hell of a spread featuring the Pioneers and others in Canberra, then sadly we say goodbye to Max McPherson in Vale.
Note the change to the Eyes & Ears email address – 131eyesand ears@gmail.com



Eyes & Ears - Vol 9 No 10 October 2016 - No 99

The last of the Reunions at Coffs harbour, hey it’s not the last though…

We cover quite a bit in this edition –

Here’s the teaser…

Phil Perrin’s OC’s Recollections include some good photos, getting the “needle” or needles should we say to make a point, the “Nomad” series continues with David Smith this time taking us into the “red centre”, Russ Hamsey gives us the low-down as to what 20 STA have been up to and the items go on, then sadly, once again in Vale we say goodbye to another Locator - Norm McManus.

Eyes & Ears - Vol 9 No 11 November 2016 - No 100

Here’s some of what’s inside and there’s heaps…

Tony Eaton’s OC’s Recollections in SVN with some interesting “afters”, Allen Morley and Bob Billiards recount their 1/83rd Reunion trip, there’s a good collection in “Mail Call”, Terry Erbs’  notice about St Barbara’s Day at Enoggera, then there’s the Associations AGM to read through and the items go on.

 STOP PRESS: Vale – Sadly we have just been notified of the passing of another Locator, Bernard Erica (formerly Earwicker) – a Pioneer

 Note the change to the Eyes & Ears email address – 131eyesandears@gmail.com

 Have a great Festive Season ALL of you – catch you before New Year. 

Eyes & Ears - Vol 9 No 12 December 2016 - No 101

Will it look like this on Phillip Island???  

The AN/KPQ1 shown here is at 20STA Regiment in Enoggera however, the one at North Fort has been dismantled – read on…

Here’s some of what’s inside and there’s heaps…

Let’s have a look at what’s being done to an AN/KPQ1 at North Fort and why, move onto Brian Kennedy’s OC’s Recollections in SVN and another interesting life thereafter, then there’s a special St Barbara’s at Enoggera. We’re back “Grey Nomading” with the Quinlan’s, and crikey, there’s so much more so we hope you’ve had a rest-up after New Year’s Eve!

Note the change to the Eyes & Ears email address – 131eyesandears@gmail.com

Ok now we’re into 2017- another year ticked off! Keep in touch.