About Membership

The Committee of the 131 Locators Association has voted to create a membership register and invite you to join the Association in one of the following membership categories.

Membership Categories


A locator who has completed an entry form and paid the nominated Membership fee.

Associate member

A person nominated by a sponsor to represent a locator (including an infirm or deceased locator), or a committee approved person/group.

Affiliate member

A locator who has elected not to pay a subscription.

Life member

Life Membership can be bestowed upon any Member in recognition and appreciation of exceptional service which he or she has rendered to the Association and to 131 Divisional Locating Battery, in token of the esteem in which he/she is held by Members of the Association. The nomination for Life membership is to be presented by the nominating Member to the Committee for its recommendation to the Annual General Meeting of the Association.

Membership Entitlements

Full website access

Members receive a website username and password to view members only content. Additionally members may request additions, amendments, or removal of content associated with their website member profile.

Association publications

Members receive notifications advising of Eyes and Ears Newsletter publications via email or postal mail.

Association notices

Members receive notifications advising of relevant Association business via email or postal mail.

Association number

Members receive a association number to quote for Association business.

Voting rights

Members are entitled to 1 vote at Association elections.

Lapel Pin/Badge

A commemorative item featuring the 131 Locators Association logo.

Membership Category Full website access Association publications Association notices Association number Voting Rights Lapel Pin/Badge
Member Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Associate member Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Affiliate member Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Life member Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Yes indicates item is available.   No indicates item is not available.   • indicates that the item may be available.

Membership Costs

Membership Category Joining Fee 1 Year Membership Fee 5 Year Membership Fee
Member $10 $15 $70
Associate member N/A N/A N/A
Affiliate member N/A N/A N/A
Life member N/A N/A N/A

There is no compulsion for you to become a financial member, but by doing so it will ensure that the future of the Association will be given a more solid base by allowing us to maintain funding for our website, general association costs (including mail, archiving costs etc.) plus other projects that may or will arise.

If you wish to join the Association, please complete and submit the membership application form that will trigger the Sec/Treas to email the necessary forms to be completed as protection against identity fraud. The form can be accessed from this "membership application form" link.

NOTE: Membership of the Association shall not be deemed a partnership as between Ordinary Members.

$10 once only joining fee covers the cost of the Association Lapel Pin/Badge.

Fees for Membership will be renewable as at the 1st July, and any members joining from April 1 onwards will be deemed to be paying for the following calendar year.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Secretary